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Nothing Ever Happens on a Boat

michael's journal

There is a slight flaw in my character.
a canticle for liebowitz, abandoned buildings, adventure, american beauty, anthropomorphizing everything, art museums, atheism, autodidacticism, batman, battlestar galactica, beck, being good, being on stage, bela fleck, ben folds, big lebowski, bjork, bob dylan, books, boondock saints, borrowed internet, bridge of birds, buffy the vampire slayer, bullets over broadway, buying local, catch 22, challenging stereotypes, chinatown, coen brothers, coffee shops, college radio, comic books, community supported agriculture, confrontation, conversation, cooking, costumes, curb shopping, dane101.com, david sedaris, dead languages, defying expectations, dirk gently, douglas adams, dream theater, dresden dolls, dungeons and dragons, elvis costello, exploring, faith no more, fallout, farscape, fight club, firefly, forward, friction, functional art, ghostbusters, girls with glasses, graphic novels, h. p. lovecraft, halloween, henry rollins, high fidelity, honesty, hope, jethro tull, justice, latin, led zeppelin, leisuretown, libraries, linux, liquid soul, local music, long lost friends, macintosh, madison, magnolia, making people laugh, maps, michael chabon, mike doughty, miller's crossing, mix tapes, morphine, movies, mythology, neil gaiman, old and new friends, old cars, os x, people watching, peter gabriel, phi kappa tau, phillip glass, pink floyd, planetary, pleasant surprises, politics, public radio, public transportation, pulp, punk harmony, queensryche, radiohead, reading, regina spektor, rhode island, riding the bus, satisfied customers, science fiction, serenity, six string samurai, smooching, smoothies, snatch, solving problems, steampunk, sushi, synchronicity, tattoos, teaching, terry gilliam, the decemberists, the three musketeers, the who, this american life, thomas dolby, tipping, to kill a mockingbird, transplant, travel, triumph, unnatural hair colors, urban fantasy, used bookstores, vintage clothing, wandering around, wilco, william gibson, wisconsin, writing


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